Monday, October 4, 2010

Alert: Janet has been sucked into the Tim Holtz Vortex!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'd heard all about Tim Holtz and his fancy inks. And until last week, I had resisted Tim's charms. But now I'm hooked! I have been sucked into the Tim Holtz Vortex! :)

I've been using my Cat's Eye chalk for most inking and have been perfectly happy with it. Why change? I thought. Well, Tim's ink and blending tool create a completely different look. Cat's Eye chalk creates a rather defined edge on your paper, which is fine in many instances. But Tim's blending tool allow you to create a subtler, more aged look.

Let's use this chipboard as an example. I covered it with acrylic paint.

Then I used Tim's ink and blending tool to ink the chipboard. By the way, I'm pretty sure that using the blending tool counts as arm exercise, which is an added benefit. :)

Be sure to use a Splat Mat. If you don't have one, you really do need to buy one. It's much easier to use the blending tool with the Splat Mat. (You'll be making little circular motions with your blending tool, and the Splat Mat's slippery surface allows the tool to glide easily around your project.) And you'll keep your work surface clean, too.

Here are my completed chipboard tags. The walnut ink and blending tool helped me create just the look I wanted for my project!

I made these tags for my Halloween tree. You can see pictures of the tree on my blog,
Of Cats and Cardstock.

For those of you who have not yet tried Tim's inks and blending tool, FEAR NOT! They're easy to use, and you'll LOVE the results!


  1. Excellent job Janet! These look amazing. Welcome to the Vortex! You'll love it here! :)

  2. I've been doing a lot more TH inking on my layouts, too,--tags, etc. and the splat mat--I'm ready to get one of those much bigger pieces for my work area-- THEY ARE A MUST HAVE! TOtally love this project of yours--It's awesome in person, ladies! Diana