Saturday, August 28, 2010

Printer Tray Frenzie!

Yes I made it in!!!  Just wanted to post my latest projects--(on display at the store)--Printer Trays that can absolutely be done up for any holiday or occasion!  I think they would make perfect one of a kind gifts.  --and the red one---just a little red spray paint (or any color) and you have a color co-ordinated tray!  This is a good way to use up a lot of the little SBing trinkets you have gathered up along the way!  Have fun!
                                                                                                                               Diana T.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

AUTO ISO: the mojo killer

Hi Ladies. Check out this article by Kelly Willette at
 She talks about taking your camera out of auto ISO mode. I tried it
and I can certainly see a difference. Plus she has the cutest little
owl on her posts. But watch out, she has some amazing photography and
ideas, you might be there a while!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sewing on your layouts

Attention--- I have tried a new technique that I once thought was only supposed to be done on cloth! I have actually stitched on some pages to go in a junk binder. It really wasn't that hard once I got to learn how to control the sewing machine! In the latest issue of "Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks" by Creating   Keepsakes, there is an easy to understand (with pictures) explanation of how to use machine stitching on layouts, cards, page accents, etc. My photographer (Fonda Darter) has snapped some photos of my first attempts and you can see it is far from perfect but alot of fun! try it out you may like it too. Janis Timmons.

Welcome to Ladies Night Out

Bring your projects to share! Come to a fun night and meet with scrapbooking friends to share ideas, show projects, and chat about scrapbooking! It's FREE!
Next Ladies Night Out is September 13 at 6-7:30. See you there!
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